Edinburgh Old Town Treasure Hunt

Want to spend a few hours exploring Edinburgh’s Old Town, but don’t have a clue where to turn? Why not challenge your friends or colleagues to a little detective work…

Wilderness Adventures’ Edinburgh Treasure Hunt lets you take in the sights as you blaze the trail across the city.

Armed with a Starter Pack of clues, a street map and a Polaroid camera, competing teams set out on a whirlwind quest round the town looking for the answers. It’s an absorbing, fun event that will test your powers of observation and navigation, and you’ll be asked to photograph your event as a record of how you did. You could be asked to pose alongside a traffic warden or even see how many people you can fit into a telephone box!  Teamwork, logic and enterprise are essential as you puzzle your way from one location to the next.  Major city landmarks and several pubs are incorporated into the route, and you’ll have to travel by foot to stay one step ahead of the competition in this timed event.

At the end of a thoroughly stimulating event, everyone can enjoy a well-earned rest at a local pub.

Intriguing and challenging, Wilderness Adventure’s Treasure Hunt is ideal for anyone with a competitive nature and a love of problem-solving.

"We had a really good time and the whole team enjoyed the afternoon.  The event was very well organised with enough informality which made it seem less “corporate” and so more relaxed. An all round, great afternoon!"
- Simon Gawthorne, British Sky Broadcasting

Please Note
A £50 refundable deposit is required to cover the cost of damage to, or loss of, the cameras.
Glasgow and other main city destinations are also available. Contact us for details of other treasure hunts.

Edinburgh Old Town Treasure Hunt

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