Gorge Walking

Gorge walking in Scotland with Wilderness Adventure

Gorge walking in Scotland takes you well off the beaten track and into an exciting maelstrom of rocks, rushing water and all-out adventure!

The sport of gorge walking (also known as gorge scrambling and canyoning) has really taken off in Scotland in recent years as more and more people try it for themselves and realise just how much fun it can be.

Described as being like caving with the roof off, our gorge-walking trips allow you to test your mettle against the rugged and taxing terrain carved out over the centuries by the chaotic frothing waters at the bottom of the ravine.

Gorge walking takes you through an exhilarating landscape of waterfalls, plunge pools, rocky outcrops and fast-moving torrents sandwiched between sandstone walls up to 100 ft high. Our experienced guides will help you negotiate the gorge, scrambling from pool to pool over ledges, ridges and other challenging rocky obstacles.

While a degree of fitness is required to participate in our canyoning outings, our guides will tailor each trip to the capabilities of your group, so you'll never have to tackle anything beyond your abilities.

Canyoning, Scotland: Equipment

Expect to get wet when canyoning in Scotland! Don't worry, though: we'll provide all the equipment you need to stay safe and (relatively) comfortable, including:

Our gorge-walking trips begin with a spectacular 100 ft abseil down into the gorge itself, an experience that can only help to prepare you for the thrills and spills ahead. Be prepared to test your nerve to the extreme against features such as the Devil's Run, a 30 ft leap from a sloping slab of rock into the deep, dark waters below...

If you like the sound of gorge walking in Scotland with Wilderness Adventure, get in touch with us through our booking page for more information on this unique outdoor activity.

Gorge Walking

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