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Residential team building courses are a great way to really bring your team together, find out each other's strengths and weaknesses and establish new ways of working together that maximise your team's potential.

Our team building residential courses take place in a magnificent Victorian lodge which dates back to the 1850s. With its spacious grounds and remote rural setting, the lodge is an ideal location for the many and varied outdoor activities that make up the majority of our residential courses in team building.

Far from the everyday cares and concerns of the office, team building residential courses allow you and your team to concentrate solely on examining and improving the internal dynamics of your group. Through a series of physical, intellectual and creative challenges, as well as sheer tests of nerve, your team will re-evaluate how they perform as a group and learn new strategies for success.

The activities you'll take part in include:

Team building residential courses - activities

When you embark on one of our team building residential courses, you can expect your problem-solving abilities to be tested to the limit!

Through a wide range of different activities your group will focus on exercising and developing their skills in the following areas:

These skills are immediately applicable to the business world, and the insights that you and your team will gain into the fundamentals of problem-solving, working in a team and effective leadership will greatly enhance the efficiency and energy of your organisation.

The accommodation at the Victoria lodge is excellent, with rooms available in the main house itself, and in timber cabins within the grounds for those wanting a more outdoors experience. When staying on a residential course at the lodge, highly trained chefs provide delicious food, just what you need after a busy day of team building activities. Let us know in advance of any special dietary requirements, and the right food will be waiting.

What's more, through spending so much time together on your residential team building course your group will also find out more about each other and develop strong personal bonds that will cement relationships within the team and help them work more closely together.

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