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Team building courses near Glasgow and Edinburgh for schools and colleges

To further develop problem-solving, leadership and learning skills, Wilderness Adventure offers residential team building courses at a beautiful Victorian lodge just one hour from both Edinburgh and Glasgow, tailored for parties from schools, colleges and universities. Like the team building day courses, the residential team building courses are aimed at children and young adults between the ages of 9 and 18, and all activities take place in a fun and supportive environment.

The activities are designed to follow the Curriculum for Excellence regarding young people’s educational outcomes, while promoting the development of key abilities such as cooperation, teamwork and communication.

By living and working together as a team, our residents build a rapport and discover their strengths and weaknesses in ways which a day course doesn’t have time to.

Residential team building courses

The Victorian lodge used for the residential team building courses dates back to 1850, and with its rural setting and spacious grounds provides the ideal location for the wide variety of outdoor activities that take place. Our highly trained and experience staff can guide the students who take part in the team building courses through a range of exciting and fun activities including:

By taking the young people out of their normal context, it allows them to concentrate on the group dynamics and how to work together, rather than everyday concerns which can distract from the learning process.

The activities listed above are all designed to promote respect for others and oneself, individual creative thought and as part of a team, enjoyment of learning, critical thinking in new contexts, clear communication and good listening abilities. These skills are all designed to be transferable to the real world, where they give the young people not only a better sense of self, but how to work with other people and to consider their needs.

Team building activities

By actively engaging young people in physically and intellectually challenging scenarios, we aim to promote:

Our team building residential courses are designed to help young people realise their potential and improve the standards of achievement they set for themselves.

While staying on a residential team building course everyone will enjoy the delicious locally sourced food, and the cooks can prepare meals to meet any special dietary requirements – just let us know in advance.

If you know of any groups of young people who you think could benefit from a residential team building course, whether from school, college, university or youth group, contact Wilderness Adventure and find out what we can offer you.

Team Building

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