Outdoor Activities for Schools and Colleges

Outdoor activities for schools, colleges and universities

Our outdoor activities for schools, colleges and universities will give your group the chance to experience some of the most exciting and challenging sports and activities that Scotland has to offer.

With Wilderness Adventure, your school, college or university group can enjoy:

All of these outdoor activities are supervised by our highly trained and well-qualified staff, and full instruction will be provided for all who require it.

Wilderness Adventure outdoor activities

For colleges, universities and schools, our outdoor activities can fulfil an important role in building a team identity, increasing individual confidence and promoting an active lifestyle.

By accepting and overcoming the physical challenges that our outdoor activities involve, young people can learn valuable lessons about their capabilities, attitude and potential. Guided by our friendly and supportive experts, school, college and university groups can tackle all our outdoor activities with full confidence that they are always in good hands.

What are outdoor activities for?

Universities, school groups and colleges can all benefit from the wide range of outdoor activities we offer. Our principles and practices embody those of the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence, an ongoing initiative created to assist learning institutions in providing a rounded and complete education for their students.

When working with schools, colleges and universities, we actively seek to promote leadership, teamwork and individual responsibility. In so doing we demonstrate just how exhilarating and rewarding outdoor activities and an active lifestyle can be.

Our guides and instructors are highly skilled in bringing out the best in young people and helping them achieve the goals set for them, while ensuring that an enjoyable and memorable experience is had by all.

For more information on the services we can provide for schools, colleges and universities, visit our booking page.

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