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Open-boat canoeing in Scotland

Open-boat canoeing in Scotland (also known as Canadian canoeing) offers you a truly unique way to explore the beautiful fresh waters of some of Scotland's most picturesque and characterful lochs.

Whether you're an absolute beginner or an experienced canoeist, we offer you the opportunity to take to the water and develop skills that have remained unchanged since they were originally developed by the Native American Indians.

Our open-boat canoeing trips are suitable for a wide range of fitness levels - our fully-trained instructors can tailor your experience to suit the needs of yourself and your group, ensuring that everyone enjoys themselves and has as full a day as possible.

To book a canoeing trip in Scotland with Wilderness Adventures and find out for yourself just how much fun it can be, visit our booking page.

Wilderness Adventure - canoeing in Scotland

Canoeing in Scotland allows you to enjoy the spectacular scenic beauty of Scotland from an entirely new perspective. Skimming gently through the softly lapping waters of one of Scotland's most beautiful lochs, being propelled entirely by your own efforts, is a deeply rewarding experience that's sure to linger long in your memory.

One of our most popular locations for open-boat canoeing in Scotland is Loch Ard, situated near Aberfoyle in the Trossachs National Park.

In an open-boat canoe you'll get closer to the environment and the wildlife that inhabits it than you ever could by other means. You'll have the chance to explore the many small islands dotted throughout the loch and even, water levels permitting, tackle the breathtaking rock jumps found on Castle Island, which range from 6ft to a dizzying 25ft in height.

Loch Ard is just one of the destinations where open-boat canoeing in Scotland can take you - each of Scotland's lochs has a special character of its own, and canoeing is the perfect way to really appreciate their unique appeal.

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