Team Building

Team building outdoor activities

The aim behind each of our team building activities is to bring individuals together into a cohesive, co-operating team in which each member maximises their potential by using their particular strengths to contribute to the effectiveness of the group as a whole.

Our outdoor team building activities are designed to develop a number of key skills which are readily transferrable into a business context, including:

Through a mixture of physical, mental and logic-based challenges your team will have to work together in close collaboration to complete our team building outdoor activities, gaining valuable insights into their own strengths and weaknesses as they do so.

Wilderness Adventure outdoor team building activity

The Wilderness Adventure outdoor team building activity package offers a wide selection of different activities which will exercise a broad spectrum of your team's abilities. From strategic thinking tests to initiative-based problem solving tasks, each outdoor team building activity focuses on a specific skill set and seeks to develop those abilities in your team.

Our team building outdoor activities will help to highlight and address any deficiencies in your team in a way that office-based training courses simply cannot do. With the guidance of our experienced members of staff, your team will go from strength to strength as they overcome the obstacles presented by each outdoor team building activity.

Not only are our outdoor team building activities a fun and engaging way to develop team spirit and encourage cooperation amongst colleagues, but they also provide a rewarding and memorable day out which ensures that the lessons learnt by the team are sure to stay with them long after their team building outdoor activity session is over.

Our mobile team building unit means that we can bring the team building activities to a location of your choice. We have previously held team building days at Crieff Hydro, Norton House Hotel near Edinburgh airport, Macdonald Hotels in Aberfoyle, Dunblane Hydro and Auchan Castle hotel near Moffat. To request more information, visit our booking page.

Team Building

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