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Corporate events, Scotland

Wilderness Adventure hosts corporate events across Scotland, with activities as diverse as white water rafting, rock climbing and mountain biking.

Always with the emphasis on fun, our corporate event packages can be specially tailored to meet the needs of your company, so your team can combine a number of exciting activities in one day. Whether you want to engage in corporate team building exercises or are looking for more of an informal social event, we can provide the perfect event for you and your organisation.

The corporate events we host can include:

You can mix and match our corporate event activities to produce a unique day out that can't fail to impress clients and colleagues alike!

Corporate events - Glasgow, Edinburgh and across Scotland

We have staged successful corporate events in Edinburgh, Glasgow and across Scotland, using our many years of experience as outdoor activity providers to deliver memorable experiences that are enjoyed by all. Our mobile team building unit can bring the corporate events to your doorstep if you have the space, or to a location such as Dunblane Hydro and the Norton House Hotel only five minutes from Edinburgh airport.

Companies use our corporate events for a number of reasons, from celebrating business milestones to allowing staff to let off steam, and from entertaining clients to corporate team building. Scotland boasts a wealth of rugged and scenic terrain which can be enjoyed in a multitude of ways, and our outdoor events help you and your group to do just that.

Whether your company is based in Edinburgh, Glasgow or one of Scotland's smaller cities, our corporate events are an excellent way to get you out of the office for a day and discover more about yourself and your colleagues through a range of exciting and adventurous activities that are a world away from the everyday.

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